New Orleans, LA

Well, started off a little early and decided no freeways today and to take it easy on the scooter. Well, about 7 miles from the finish I holed my second piston. So we started making calls to find a replacement. Fortunately one of the support crews behind me had a badly scored piston. We cleaned it up as much as possible and put the rings from one of my blown ones on. Then nursed it on to the Abita pub. Fun part after that was a group of 4 of the vintage bikes slowly made our way over the long long causeway and onto the finish. Vintage bikes still ended with 100% completion this cannonball despite all the problems.

Many of us couldn’t have made it without the great help of Greg Nicolle! Thanks Greg!!!

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El Dorado, AR

Finally some warm weather, but got really warm and humid and just before check point 2 (about 1/4 mile from it or less) I holed my piston. Fortunately had a spare in support vehicle and swapped it out at side of road and was still able to complete the day. I had already made a nav error just before that costing my about 20 mins on top of that. Heat was hard on many of the scooters today.

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Norman, OK

Tail wind much of today, made for much faster times for everyone. I jumped on the freeway today for bout 39 miles or so to try and make up some time. Rally cruised at around 60 easily today and at some spots a bit quicker. Weather is finally nice and sunny and warm.

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Ulysses KS

Left late to avoid the 2 inches of ice still in the pass. By the time I got there it was all melted. Up over 12 K feet I believe. Had a pretty quick run from there until I made the turn toward pueblo co. Crazy head wind all the way to end.

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Dillon CO

Started out by just missing two small deer who ran in front of me. Ended with worst weather yet. Rain then sleet and snow. Almost have in but Greg kept me going. Cup of coffee and shot of whiskey and hot shower at hotel. Oh also discovered that my throttle cable had slipped and was only running at half throttle all day.

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Pinedale, WY

Best weather day so far. Some nice twisties and highest elevation climb so far. Passed a few motorcycles on the way down from one of the mtns. Lost a few points today due to a little off track detour, not much about 10 mins and a couple restroom breaks. Saw a lot of deer too.

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Helena, MT

Great to be back in US. Saw a herd of Mtn sheep outside of Fernie on the edge of the road near a lake. Border crossing into US was a breeze. A bit chillier in spot than I expected but not too bad, nothing like the snow day. Though I wish I had put my parka back on. Just after entering the US I had to navigate through a bunch of horses that were chilling out in the road in the middle of no where. Later I encountered suicidal prairie dogs everywhere. And seagulls in MT, who would have guessed? Bike held up well today, though wish it was a little faster, may be over jetted, not sure. moved into 10th place. Should be nice tomorrow I think.

Oh yeah, Greg (my support driver) was up until 3am helping another vintage rider swap the motor on his P200. Guy was able to complete today’s.

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Fernie, AB

Let it snow! Got snowed on this morning and freezing rain. I was plenty warm enough, my hands not so much. After stopping several times to warm them up I pulled Greg over and said “bring duct tape and card board!”. With that Greg taped some self made wind stoppers to my windscreen. And after swapping my glove order (rubber, liner, rubber, liner, riding glove to liner, liner, rubber, riding glove) I was able to ride and keep my fingers from falling off. Got really nice once we dropped below 5000 ft and saw a moose when we were in the parking lot of the hotel in Fernie (lots of bears in the park on the way down too, one brown bunch of black). Scooter is running great.

Tomorrow we cross the border.

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Jasper AB

GPS was set to no highway so I got a little off track a couple times today. First checkpoint it led me right to a big black bear in the middle of a dirt road. Honked my air horn at him and all he did was stare at me. So I got out of there. Found the right road later. GPS also threw me off on third checkpoint as was as I missed the turnoff. Double back to grab it and the weather got too crappy so I decided to turn around and take the min points for those legs. And did I mention rain for a bit? Not too bad though. Thurs am calls for a chance of snow! Think I will be leaving late.

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Vanderhoof, BC

Had a rough start, just before first checkpoint blew the HT Coil. Fortunately had spare, unfortunately left on support vehicle. Mad pretty good time rest of day though. Saw an eagle, a coyote and a bear run across the street. Finished in 11th for the day without incident could have been in top 5 or so. May see a little rain tomorrow.

Oh yeah, got a bee up my sleeve while riding too had to smash it in my sleeve and clean it out later.

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